How do you rock a block?

Get a crew of crazy musicians together out on the cul-de-sac and plug everything in so it’s nice and loud.  Keep playing until (a) you run out of songs, or (b) the cops show up.  We’ve experienced both.

We had a great time playing at the Wild’s Block Party last weekend!  I think that block parties are one of my favorite types of gigs.  People are out and about, and there’s a lot of action and memorable characters that come in and out of the scene during the night.  We had a lot of fun with the crowd, and in between our sets, Brett Kohler, a local Wild’s resident, did some great numbers on the acoustic guitar.  He had an impressive voice and we all enjoyed watching him play!  We all came together later that night and did an impromptu version of Simple Man (Shinedown version).  The night went by like a blur and was over before we knew it.

Thank you, Wood Duckers!  Hope we can join you next year for your next summer soiree!